Sainsbury’s British Hot Dogs x6 600g

On my latest adventure into the tide of supermarket offerings I have decided to try the Sainsbury’s British Hot Dogs x6 600g. I don’t know if it’s the Triphosphates, Sodium metabisulphite or more likely the Smoked dextrose but this sausage has that unmistakable smoky nostalgic flavour you associate with a hotdog at least in contemporary Europe that is, I often muse on the transient qualities of that particular smoky flavour that takes me back to childhood when life was a much more simple affair. The natural casings provided from British swine offer a great snap with a smoothly ground silky texture on the inside, I suppose my only issue with this is how similar it sits to the M&S “Posh dog” I fear the hegemonic supermarkets may produce a range of products rather homogeneous in there taste and appearance.

Sainsbury's hot dog

Sainsbury’s hot dog

A have noticed Sainsbury’s are offering a variation a distinctly British variation a Curry flavoured hot dog something I look forward to trying at a later date. One thing that troubles me greatly an oversight by these retailers that I find very disturbing is a lack of good quality hot dog buns, I’m talking about buns that have the required dimensions house the hot dogs they sell. Having to visit a completely different retailer to get suitable buns left me dismayed and exasperated.

Sainsbury's hotdog ingredients

Sainsbury’s hotdog ingredients

 Moving past the supermarkets oversight of suitable baked products I would conclude that the product is a sound choice with premium qualities if a little similar to what M&S are offering. The final question you will probably be asking yourself is what type of wine should I be drinking with this the Gaurdian has quite a well informed article on the subject.



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