Dino pan, Les Corts “Frankfurt” By Geraldine Greenwood

At Dino Pan, in the University district of Barcelona, a fresh-faced woman greets me with a smile that tells me she has had a tough morning and the afternoon looks no better. I sit down on a wobbly, metal chair on a terrace a few tiles wide that threatens to spill me onto the pavement at any moment.

Dino Pan - Hot Dogs

Dino Pan – Hot Dogs


In Barcelona traditionally a sandwich is prepared by cutting a baguette in half, rubbing half a tomato down each side then coating the bread in olive oil. With the bread in a state of readiness the waitress makes abrupt incisions across my hot dog, or Frankfurt, and cooks it with some tenderness. And now it arrives before me with American style classic condiments on the side and I am thinking about dinos.

Dino Pan - Hot Dogs

Dino Pan – Hot Dogs

There was a time when dinosaurs were the dominant species, seemingly unassailable; like the unyielding and generously sized crusty baguette before me. But eventually they were overcome… Did this hotdog reveal the cause of their untimely end ? With scientific rigor I explored the ridged, grilled, Germanic hotdog, like an volcanic mountain range, trickling red ketchup and hot flavoursome juices.

Dino Pan - Hot Dogs

Dino Pan – Hot Dogs

The arid baguette yielding nothing, giving no hope but smeared with tomato entrails gives the answer of hostile environmental conditions. Caused by climate change, asteroids or a natural disaster? Hard to say, the hot dog plays its cards close to its chest. 3.5/5

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4 thoughts on “Dino pan, Les Corts “Frankfurt” By Geraldine Greenwood

  1. Ketchup? Is that ketchup on a hot dog?! Oh boy, now we have a problem. Not allowed to put ketchup on a hot dog where I come from. Heck, if you ask for ketchup in Cleveland, they will throw you in the River! Ha!

  2. Hi Bob,
    Thank you for your comments. I would agreed that a hot dog does not require ketchup – one of the best hotdogs I ever had was the Beef Chicago with no ketchup (or mustard).
    What is your advice for a premium dog?

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