Nicks Perritos, Primavera Sound Festival “Solo Perritos Calientes – Only Hot Dogs” By Geraldine Greenwood

In a garish yellow and red tent type stand at the festival weekender I am entreated to try a perrito… My first Spanish ‘little dog’.

Primavera Hot Dog

Primavera Hot Dog – Loaded with Norse symbolism??

Despite it being past midnight the hot dog vendors are going strong, well equipped for serving sausage til the sun rises. The logo of the stand depicts a gurning Viking keen to share his carnivorous culture. What is the link between a sausage snack and this race from early earth?


Primavera Hot Dog stall

Primavera Hot Dog stall

The soft toasted bun a flaming long boat, the bone-piece riddled and minimally flavoured sausage a fallen Viking, having fallen in a bloody battle represented by tart yet sweet ketchup, his cremation symbolized by crispy onion pieces. An otherwise average hotdog is utterly transformed by this topping – common with other Spanish street vendors and easily recreated at home. 4/5



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