Marks & Spencer – Posh Dog’s

Over the last few months there has been an influx in supermarket’s creating their own “gourmet hot dogs” the first offering I have decided to review is the “Posh Dog” provided by the retailer Marks and Spencer.

Marks and Spencers - Posh Dogs

Marks and Spencers – Posh Dogs

It probably comes as no surprise that when I read the title of the dogs my mind drifted to the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu and specifically one of his best known books Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgment of Taste In this book Bourdieu looks at notions of class and taste, he then go’s on to investigate how these judgements are made. This lead me to wonder how Marks and Spencer had judged their hot dogs to be “posh” these assertions according to Bourdieu are made through various forms of “capital” one of the three forms is Cultural Capital this is defined by ones taste in music and the arts etc… Are Marks and Spencer suggesting that they’re pigs have a more enlightened view of the arts? that the pigs they send to be slaughtered perhaps prefer the Opera to Top of the Pops. Bourdieu also asserts that a defining factor of Social class/Social Capital is the preference to certain types of food in your diet Bourdieu asserts the working classes often opt for lower quality cheaper foods, are these sausages a veiled attack on the working classes? suggesting that because the ingredients are more premium customers on a lower-income should not consider them?

Marks and Spencers - Posh Dogs

Marks and Spencers – Posh Dogs

Moving on to the taste of the sausage it’s ingredients are of a premium quality, it was nice to see none of the meat had been blasted from the carcass with a high-powered hose, although it wasn’t the snappiest it had that unmistakable Hot Dog taste familiarly found in the baser options found in the rich tapestry of mass-produced hot dogs, I don’t know how they re-created it but it was a very impressive sausage I would recommend you try it regardless of your social or cultural trajectory.

Marks and Spencers - Posh Dogs

Marks and Spencers – Posh Dogs

I have awarded the Posh Dogs a rating of 4 out of 5



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