O’neills – 26 Great George Street, Leeds, LS1 3DL

Word had reached me that the Irish themed bars O’niells had hotdogs on the menu so I decided to pay the branch in Leeds a visit. The menu offered a scant selection of two hot dogs essentially the same both served with fried onions and ketchup and mustard the only difference being one option used a traditional German sausage and the other a traditional Irish sausage. As I was in an Irish themed bar I opted for the Irish sausage and as W B Yeats the great Irish poet once asserted “I have known more men destroyed by the desire to have wife and child and to keep them in comfort than I have seen destroyed by drink and harlots.” I decided to accompany my meal with a pint of Guinness unfortunately Harlots where not available had this been a Friday night in Leeds I may have been able to find several.

O'niells Leeds - Irish hot dog

O’niells Leeds – Who would have thought that a Guinness was the perfect accompaniment for a Hot Dog

It was refreshing to find an establishment that blended the tradition American dish with a Traditional Irish product, i am in no way against the American diners that are cropping up I love them this just offers a bit more variety to the emerging tapestry of Hot dogs available in the city. I should also point out at this stage I realised that the silky gloss of a freshly poured Guinness was a great addition to the meal!

O'niells Leeds - Irish hot dog

O’niells Leeds – Irish hot dog, excited, visceral primary colours light up my meal.

The staff in the bar where excellent friendly and attentive, The excited gestural application of the Condiments was something to behold the only issue with the vision of glossy red and yellow is it’s ability to get everywhere but I have learnt that simply turning the sausage upside down in the bun resolves this issue while not compromising the integrity of the condiments and onions. The sausage itself tasted great and had incisions scored diagonally across to enable greater distribution of the Ketchup and Mustard. I would summarise this is a great option and in comparison to JD Wetherspoon who I would regard as there closes rival due to the nature of their buisness I think O’niells offering is far superior and as I mentioned earlier they seek to play to there strengths rather than mimic Americanized alternatives.

O'niells Leeds - Irish hot dog

O’niells Leeds – Irish hot dog



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