Ribs and Bibs – Lincoln – 8 The Strait, LN2 1JD

If you find yourself in the city of Lincoln and stuck for something to do you can do far worse than a visit to ribs and bibs while I was there I sampled the Corn dogs as a starter and the Chilli Dog for my main. The staff were very friendly attentive and the service was prompt.

Ribs & Bibs corn Dogs

Ribs & Bibs corn Dogs

like fluffy clouds of meat gilded in batter harpooned with a wooden stake the corn dogs were excellent, the batter used was excellent and the texture of the dogs was light and fluffy almost like some kind of meat marshmallow as strange as this may sound I found it the perfect contrast to the crisp crunchy batter. The salad was a bit of an after thought as these things normally are and it was also accompanied with the standard mustard and ketchup dips.

Moving on to the hotdog, billed as a polish sausage evocative of a New York style gourmet hot dog the snap and texture backed this up and i found the sausage to be very similar to Sokolow sausage(also polish) that I reviewed last year on this blog which isn’t a bad thing it was the best shop bought sausage I have sampled, although Ribs and Bibs was almost twice the size! and with all if not more premium qualities.

Ribs and Bibs - Chilli Dog

Ribs and Bibs – Chilli Dog

Served with fries and an ample amount of chilli there was no fault with the standard except it was obvious that this was not designed to be eaten the traditional way with your hands as the bread would simply fall apart instead I opted to consume this duplicitous dog with the knife and fork provided.

Ribs & Bibs Chilli Dog

Ribs & Bibs Chilli Dog

I suppose the only two criticisms I have is one that you couldn’t actually eat the hot dog with your hands you had to use a knife and fork and the second is rather more controversial but I have attended the Lincoln Sausage festival for two years running and I am familiar with the standard of locally produced sausages It would be nice if they offered a second option based on a traditional Lincolnshire sausage I understand why Rib’s and Bibs would not be keen to do this as the niche element to their product is an Americanized dining experience that sits in contrast to the vast amount of traditional restaurants you find in Lincoln, to offer something like that may be seen as a step backward I suppose I just like the idea of traditional Lincolnshire fare juxtaposed with American dining this might offer Ribs and Bibs something truly individual. But I stress second option as the polish sausage was very good!

But the service and quality was great you should definitely eat here if you have to choose between the two options reviewed I would probably opt for the corn dogs!

Sausage Rating of 4/5SausageRating4


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