Kali Pita – Tyrokozakika Loukanika in Pireaus Greece

I recently went to visit a friend who stays in the port city of Piraeus, a beautiful city that can trace its roots back to ancient Greece where it was at the centre of all import and transit trade for Athens.

Piraeus harbor

Piraeus harbor

It is no secret that in Athens and indeed Piraeus there are many good places to get hold of a hot dog indeed the guardian have a very informative article on the subject. I however wanted something less Americanized and that had at least a small Grecian influence, my host James introduced me to a Grecian sausage named – Tyrokozakika Loukanika  served in a local fast food restaurant Kali Pita. This was no ordinary sausage however, in the centre ran a canal of Cretan Graviera a slightly sweet cheese produced on the island of Crete and is the second most popular Cheese in Greece after Feta this surprised me as I felt sure the Cypriot cheese Halloumi would be in the top two perhaps it’s third but I don’t currently have time to check it’s ranking in the league of Greece’s most popular cheeses. Returning to the subject at hand… as well as the central canal of cheese a substantial amount of Kerry Gold butter is also baked into the sausage meat lending further qualities to the meat that investigate in the next paragraph.

Tyrokozakika Loukanika

Tyrokozakika Loukanika

I think the description in the paragraph above is enough to convince you that this is going to be a very special sausage indeed. When I bit into the sausage I was greeted with a very satisfying snap which reassuringly suggests a quality casing has been used and the course texture of the meat implied that it was a sausage of premium credentials. It was unlike any other sausage I have sampled thus far the silky texture of the cheese and butter interwoven with the meat is best described as heavenly.

TyrokozakikaTyrokozakika Loukanika - a cross section

Tyrokozakika Loukanika – a cross section

Indeed my mind drifted to the famous sculpture by  Gian Lorenzo Bernini titled  Ecstasy of St. Teresa of Avila, a depiction of St Teresa being visited by an angel that stabs her through the heart with a flaming arrow which lights in her heart with the flame of Gods love and fills her body with ecstasy, like St Teresa my body was enveloped in rapturous ecstasy and my heart was a flame not with the love of God but instead the love of cheese encased in processed pork miscellanea.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini - Ecstasy of St. Teresa of Avila

Gian Lorenzo Bernini – Ecstasy of St. Teresa of Avila

Sausage rating 5/5




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