Mexican dog Wetherspoons – The Manchester and County – Piccadilly Gardens by Geraldine Greenwood

It was a breezy Sunday when I stepped into this Manchester beer peddler… and I was delighted to see that hotdogs were now part of the Wetherspoon roster. Well there were regular hot dogs and a range of gourmet dogs and in my love of non traditional eats I opted for this monstrosity.


The Mexican Dog

The Mexican Dog


A 12 inch flavorless, textureless, limp, pork-based product in a baguette made soggy with guacamole brought to mind the enigmatic Mexican sculpture of Chacmool, ever pictured reclining with a somewhat defiant expression. A slightly stale, grated cheddar-type cheese and sliced green chillies rained down on my hot dog as if a nod to Chacmool’s association to the rain god Tlaloc, though I recalled with more that a little concern that Chacmool is also associated with human sacrifice, a human heart was thought to be placed on the tray in the centre of the figure – corresponding to my generous serving of cheese.


1559197_269895363186076_1849264765_oWell, I thought, this is a rather hard-hitting critique of the role of dairy foods in a balanced diet. On reflection the hotdog had very little relation to the foods eaten in Mexico; indeed its relationship to the “Tex-Mex” foods, such as the enchilada and chimichanga, was also strained.Then I began to consider that the use of so many European elements (a French baguette, Cheddar cheese, side serving of English mustard) placed on an ocean blue plate with a centuries-old floral pattern was leading me to consider the Conquistadors and the arrival of Cortes in Mexico.

10002688_269895356519410_1472105973_nAs we know, on arrival in Mexico, Cortes and his soldiers were viewed with great promise and initially approached with gifts which led them to Mexico’s then leader Moctezuma. They soon took Moctezuma captive and his yielding turned his people against him. He took a blow to the head when trying to pacify his people and his limp body was charred in a technique not dissimilar to my hotdog. As with my meal all main players failed to live up to the lofty expectations of the Mexican people. The history of Mexico is not always a palatable one but Wetherspoons surpassed themselves in their brilliantly apt naming of this economy meal.


This review was written by Geraldine Greenwood we will accept and publish contributions from anyone if we deem the work to be appropriate.


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