Hackney Picture House – Hot dog

A recent article in Time out magazine listed four of the best places to get a Hot dog in London the article can be found here: http://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/londons-best-hot-dogs   As I was staying in Walthamstow that weekend I decided to take a stroll over to the Hackney Picture House listed as the third option in the aforementioned article.

Hackney picture house - Hot dog

The deep primary yellow of the mustard glistens invitingly in the evening light

The hot dog was a marriage of 4 classic ingredients Sausage, Bun, Sauerkraut and Mustard. As I observed the hot dog it’s composition seemed perfectly balanced, sat upon a bed of sauerkraut with lashings of glossy yellow mustard draped lazily over the sausage I could barely wait to shovel it into my face.

Unfortunately this is where my decent into a mustardy quagmire began, Although the hot dog appeared as a vision of pork perfection its form did not translate well when it came to the practicalities of eating. I think the crux of this issue lie in the fact that the Hot dog sat upon the bun rather than in it, this made it quite difficult to really get a firm grasp of the sausage. I found that after about halfway through I had mustard smeared all over my face I was quite simply a mess! I accept a degree of mess is part and parcel of the dining experience with hot dogs but in this case it was excessive.

Hackney picture house - Hot dog

Lashings of mustard drape over the hot dog lazily sliding into the sauerkraut

In conclusion the Hackney Picture House has the makings of a great hot dot and they’re purist attitude is to be saluted. It is with a heavy heart that I award them a sausage rating of 3/5 but the impracticalities of its composition tainted my enjoyment, A slight revision to the hot dogs layout and perhaps some simple variations would rectify the score.



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