Hot Dog Canapés

We’ve all been there before, planning an evening soiree and you ask yourself “what the bloody hell am I going to do about those confounded canapés!” fear not I have a contemporary twist on the traditional finger food, a dish that speaks off vogish decadence and allows you’re function the notoriety it deserves,  let me present the Hot dog canapé.

Hot Dog Recipe - Hot Dog Canapes

Hot Dog Canapes

Firstly you will need cocktail sized Hot Dogs in my local area the only brand available to me was the Ye Olde Oak – Party Sausages if a more premium option is available to you I suggest that you use it. The second element to the Canape is the tiny hot dog bun, I opted for a ready-made bread mix from the supermarket the packet retailed at around 50p and I estimate you could get enough from that for around 40 of the mini hot dogs. I know there may be accomplished bakers reading this in disdain, by all means make the bread from scratch but in the interests of not making this recipe unesserilly verbose I opted for a pre made bread mix.

If you follow the instructions on the packet for the bread mix you will see that you simply add warm water to the mix stir in a large bowl then knead for around ten minutes. When you have finished the kneading process you will be ready to start shaping your tiny hot dog buns. As the dough will rise you want the dough to be shaped into dimensions similar to the hot dogs, I kept a hot dog in the corner of the baking tray as a template to work towards I found that if you make the dough equal in length to the hot dog but around 1&½ in width this works quite well. My personal technique was to break of the dough roll it into a ball then with one finger roll it out into more of a sausage shape if I found that the length was too great then I would simply trim the little chap with scissors, I’m sure you will develop you’re own techniques for shaping miniature hot dog buns basically what ever works over time I found I was able to achieve more homogenous dimensions. Once they are laid out on the tray cover in cling film and leave to rest for twenty minutes.

Hot Dog Canape dough before being placed in the oven

Hot Dog Canape dough before being placed in the oven

After Resting the dough for 20 minutes they will be ready to place in the oven the packet suggest resting the bread for 40 minutes but I found 20 was fine, the packet also suggests that the bread is in the oven for around 25 minutes as these are much smaller than a loaf I found that they were ready in 5-10 minutes basically don’t take you’re eyes of them once the crust turns golden brown they are ready!

Hot Dog Canape dough after being placed in the oven

Hot Dog Canape dough after being placed in the oven

You should now have you’re little dough balls these should be crispy on the outer shell yet light and fluffy as a cloud on the inside. With a bread knife surgically make a cut running down the centre of the tiny bun and insert a cocktail hot dog repeat this until finished.

Hot Dog Recipe - Hot Dog Canapes are starting to take shape!

Hot Dog Recipe – Hot Dog Canapes are starting to take shape!

At this point the vogish miniatures should be starting to take a shape and form evocative of the classic hot dog, you are now confronted with quandary of how you wish to garnish you’re Canapes I opted to use four simple variations – Ketchup, Mustard, Gherkin (cocktail variety) and Spring Onion. To achieve the desired clean lines with the sauce I decanted the Ketchup and Mustard (not at the same time obviously) into a piping bag and used a fine nossel : size 2 this allowed me the accuracy that the condiment bottle itself could not provide. For the spring onion and gherkin simply chop finely and apply with care. You may have other ideas or wish to apply all four options to a single dog in hedonistic gay abandon! I myself was not as adventurous on this occasion.

Hot Dog Canapes

Hot Dog Canapes

And there you have it personally I would accompany these with a fine champagne if you choose to do the same please make sure it is a reputable vintage or at the very least has the appropriate awards from the IWC.


  • Packet of bread mix
  • Cocktail Hot Dogs
  • Cocktail Gherkins
  • Mustard
  • Ketchup
  • Spring Onions

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