Meat Mission – Hoxton Market

In spite of warnings of an apocalyptic storm that was due to hit London that weekend I decided to venture to the capital, and contrary to he weather forecast Sunday had turned out quite crisp with little more than a mild breeze and clear skies over head.

For lunch I decided to take the lady friend to an establishment in Hoxton called Meat Mission. Upon Arrival I was confronted by a kind of stained glass diorama of what appeared to be the last supper reminiscent of work by the London based artists Gilbert and George.

There seemed to be a slight inaccuracy as Jesus appeared to be depicted as a giant owl, I am aware there are many strands of the christian faith but I cannot think of one that claims Jesus was a giant owl, I decided best not to dwell on this muddle-headed vision and instead I glanced across the menu.

With only two options it’s fair to say the Hot dog selection was without depth however I opted for the Pastrami Dog with a side of Hippy Fries and a Root Beer. The pastrami dog was excellent I have had pastrami many times before but the way they had cooked it made it much crisper than usual which made a charming contrast to the Swiss cheese and sauerkraut the pork frank was of premium quality and finished of with a Russian dressing.

The Craiglands Hotel

Meat Mission – pastrami dog with hippy fries

The “hippy fries” consisted of fries topped with grilled onions and the rather ambiguous “Hippy Sauce” either way they were a divergent turn on the usual plain fries and a pleasure on the palette, the root beer was nice but in hindsight I wish I had gone for a root beer float, never mind.

The staff were a credit to the establishment and the food was good, when the basics are right you can’t go wrong  I award Meat Mission a sausage rating of 4/5 it would be a 5/5 if there were more Hot Dogs on the menu.



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