Kuchnia Polska – Sauerkraut

Given the European roots of the Hot Dog i decided to try some sauerkraut, for those who aren’t familiar with the delicacy Sauerkraut is cabbage that has been fermented in lactic acid bacteria.

Kuchnia Polska - sauerkraut

Kuchnia Polska – sauerkraut

I had previously believed sauerkraut to be a purely Germanic dish, this is however not the case it is popular in Rusia, Poland and according to many sources on the internet it is also the main ingredient in a recipe called Chourcroute Garnie which apparently is cooked by French Alsatians!? I had never previously been aware of the fact that the French had trained Alsatians to cook and why they choose one specific breed and one specific recipe I do not know but there does seem to be a large amount of info out there supporting this fact.

Sokolow Polish Sausage and insitu the Kuchnia Polska sauerkraut

Sokolow Polish Sausage and insitu the Kuchnia Polska sauerkraut

I was initially hesitant to try a cabbage that had been fermented in bacteria but I found the taste to be quite pleasant it offered a sharp tangy contrast to smoky polish sausage I had hold of, If you like Gherkins and Pickles I would definitely recommend this addition! and I will definitely use this ingredient in my hot dogs again. I would also add although I may have reservations regarding health and safety I wold also be fascinated to see Alsatians prepare and serve “Chourcroute Garnie”.


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