Wikinger 90g Hot Dog

Hot dog review - Wikinger 8 x 90g beast

Hot dog review – Wikinger 8 x 90g beast

I had noticed these in a local supermarket and decided to feature them on Hot Dog Review, Wikinger make the bold claim in their slogan that they’re Hot Dogs are the king of hot dogs! I’m not sure they quite live up to such a pompous claim. I was quite pleased however with the mammoth dimensions they’re 90gram sausage offers.

Hot Dog Review - Wikinger 90g Sausage

Hot Dog Review – Wikinger 90g Sausage

The photo above does not really do this beast justice It was the Hot Dog of choice for my toad in the hole recipe that can also be found on this blog that shows the dimensions perhaps in a slightly better light.

Hot Dog Review - Wikinger Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Review – Wikinger Hot Dogs

Visually the packaging is loaded with symbolism a photograph of a hot dog is framed within the all American colours of red white(not technically a colour) and blue evocative of the pop art movement that took place in 50s America juxtaposed with what appears to be the image of a Viking long boat suggesting some sort of Nordic influence.

Moving on to the taste, There is a certain type of flavour in the UK associated with the more baser range of Hot Dog not beef or pork or poultry but a kind of generic smoky meaty flavour only accomplished with a pork, chicken and turkey cocktail, mechanically recovered and processed to the point of almost a marshmallow like texture. Wikingers 90g offering sits firmly with this camp a smoky meaty flavour that is hard to pin down to one species; a phallic meat marshmallow with a smokey essence best describes the sausage we have here, premium this is not with a lack of SNAP and texture it does adhere to the basic hot dog template we grew up on in the UK and has currency for nostalgic reasons if nothing else it’s not a flavour I dislike but it is a flavour and texture that suggest humble not premium qualities.

I would summarise these are definitely worth a try based on circumference alone, further information on Wikinger hot dogs can be found here


Sausage rating 3/5



5 thoughts on “Wikinger 90g Hot Dog

  1. And not a word on how they taste… What is the point of this review.. To tell people how good a jar does or does not look in their cupboard?

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