Herta classic frankfurters

While on a trip to my friends in Manchester we decided to have a BBQ I took the opportunity to try another brand of hotdog, I opted for the Herta frankfurter.

Hot dog review

Oblique Herta Frankfurters

Hot dog review - Herta Classic Frankfurters

after a couple of seconds on the barbecue


The final few frankfurters possibly left on the BBQ too long, the finer points of alfresco dining can be so subjective

Once opend the oblique dimensions of the hotdog put me in a quandary as to how I should actually consume them, these were easily the Slightest of all hot dogs I’ve sampled since starting this blog and although the front of the packet clearly depicts a single frankfurter in a bun I have no idea where such small orderve-like buns can be purchased. Although such an orderve would make quite a divergent canape at an evening soiree an option I may consider for the future.


As you can see I opted for two/three per bun with a liberal application of mustard, although they’re shape and form were questionable, the quality was good with 71% pork (not mechanically recovered) they would make a good ingredient in a wider recipe which the company actively promote on there website. I have awarded Herta Classic Frankfurters a sausage rating of 3 out of 5 they were scored down only by the nefarious dimensions of the sausage,  More information on Herta Hot dogs can be found here http://www.hertafrankfurters.co.uk/

Sausage rating 3/5



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