Leeds corn exchange – Primos Hotdogs

Primos Lynchburg Hotdog - Leeds - Hot dog review

Primos Lynchburg Hotdog – Leeds

I had been told by friends of an establishment that had opened in my home town of Leeds that go’s by the name ‘Primos’. One sunday I decided to venture down and sample what they had to offer, It was my first Hot dog dining experience in Leeds since the  Germanic debacle at Christmas.

While pondering an impressive menu I decided to opt for the Lynchburg a large beef sausage marinated in Honey and topped with bacon and onions, I also opted for sides of fries and onions. I wasnt completely struck on the onion ring batter but the hot dog it self was probably the best I have had since scoobys on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles.

Stand out elements of the dining experience are probably the crispy bun that the hot dog came in and the Honey Marinade I will definitely return to try more of their menu.

Further details on Primos can be found here: http://www.primosgourmethotdogs.co.uk/


Sausage rating 5/5



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