6654 Hollywood Boulevard – Scoobys

Hot Dog - Hot Dog Review - Scoobys Hollywood Boulevard

Scoobys Hot Dogs, Hollywood Boulevard

It was a Beautiful day In Los Angeles and we ventured down Holly Boulevard to try a Scooby’s hotdog. I decided to try the Jalepeno-dog, Visually the dog made me think of the great pioneer of abstract impressionism Jackson Pollock. I think this was because of the condiments vivid primary colours and there visceral application, it seemed to evoke the mad energy of Pollocks gestural painting.

As I took my first bite a divine sensation of incalescence enveloped my mouth and taste buds, the experience was increased further with the addition of Orange soda and fries, this was probably the best hot dog I have had so far on my odyssey into the world processed animal products.

Further Details on Scoobys can be found here: http://www.skoobys.com/


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