2090 Broadway, New York – Grays Papaya

Hot Dog - Hot Dog Review - Critical discourse on the consumption of hot dogs

Gray’s Papaya, hot dog review

The Grays Papaya hot dog had a very conventional aesthetic less evocative of Jackson Pollock and perhaps more appropriate as the subject matter for a Roy Lichtenstein.

The one mistake I think I made was requesting the cheese as an extra topping the blubbery quagmire that was classed as cheese adhered to the roof of my mouth and inhibited my enjoyment of the sausage.

The papaya juice that accompanied the hotdog cut through the cheesy gak that had smothered my palate and provided a good contrast to the flavour’s of the sausage. The learning I will take from this experience is that when in New York do not request the addition of “cheese”.

Further details on Grays Papaya can be found here: http://grayspapayanyc.com/


Sausage rating 3/5



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