Princes hotdogs

Princes hotdogs

For the mainstream consumer of hotdogs in the United Kingdom fewer brands are more recognisable than that of Princes, here we take a look at one of their entry level hotdogs eight medium sized hotdogs in brine.
The ingredients include Mechanically Recovered Chicken, Hydrolysed Soya Protein and Beef Collagen, This tangential approach gives a very unique texture and flavour which i shall discuss in greater detail at a later point.

Princes hotdogs

Once extracted from the tin a briny veneer remains on the surface and glistens in the light lending the hotdog an aura of enchantment, as I bite into the sausage smoky flavour envelopes me in a cloud of nostalgia taking me back to childhood dalliances with the transient dog.
As I mentioned earlier in the blog Princess have taken quite an avante garde approach to there production the end result of this animal product miscellanea is quite a titillating sausage, I can only award the Hot Dogs a sausage rating of 2 out of five as the quality of meat is questionable, personally I would give them a try purely for nostalgic reasons if nothing else.

Sausage rating 2/5;



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